Dental Dosage

Overdosing patients can lead to life threatening medical emergencies!

Dental Dosage allows you to quickly calculate the maximum recommended dosage (MRD) to be given safely to a patient based on their weight.

GrepDomain is a web application to store and manage your domain searches and metadata. It is a one stop shop features as-you-type domain lookup and storage , whois records, domain purchase, metadata storage, and expiry tracking.

It is suited for intensive use, yet fast and easy, tailored to casual and startup domain buyers.

Family Edition

Chat designed for the family. For families who want to stay connected with their children while protecting from strangers.

Pivotle Chat is a family-only, private, always-on, light-weight, desktop chat app.

Team Edition

Get your Team collaborating. For teams who want a quick, light weight, and secure collaboration tool.

Pivotle Chat is a private desktop chat app that lets teams send messages and transfer large files securely behind their own VPN.

Status: Private Beta

Products under development


Customer Need: Dead simple bookmark sharing service
Our Solution: A 1-click, no install, no login, bookmark to instantly send an email to a list of your friends
Status: Coming soon...


Customer Need: Dead simple file sharing service
Our Solution: A 1-click, no install, no login, "box" to drop any file to the other side
Status: Coming soon...